Evening Menu



Warm goat cheese with apple & hazelnut
Shrimps, bruschetta & guacamole served in «verrine»
 Marine trio (shrimp, cod & crab)
Duck terrine with figue & liver pâté
Salmon «tartar» with wasabi on a nori sheet
Escargots in filo sheets, garlic cream sauce
Scallops «ceviche» almonds & pineapple
Brie & leek in filo with maple sauce
Smoked Gaspé salmon with capers & marinated ognion
Beef «tartar»
Small lobster «feuilleté» with Champagne

Soups, Juices & Salads

Home-made soup of the day *** Our cream of seafood (in season)
Lobster Bisque *** Choice of chilled juice *** Choice of salads

Fish & Seafood plates

Mussels with local beer sauce
Seafood shell «au gratin»
Fillet of cod « Meunière»
Poached fillet of cod «Gaspesian style»
Grilled Atlantic salmon with Camembert sauce
Roasted fillet of halibut, diced nectarine or leek & hydromel sauce
Shrimps & Scallops duo, ginger emulsion or citrus butter
Scallops & goat cheese wellington with basil white butter sauce
Gaspesian style bouillabaisse
Boiled lobster (1½lbs), lemon or mild garlic butter
Lobster «feuilleté» with Champagne

Meat Plates & Steaks

Maple flavoured beef «bavette» with shallots or «bavette» with red wine sauce
Grilled pork «chop style» with apple cider
Steak Angus AAA, «flambé» with cognac, pepper sauce or Blue sauce
Wapiti burger, Swiss cheese, caramelized onion & pear
Beef filet mignon Angus AAA, grilled (8oz), Blue cheese or pepper sauce
Deer «tournedos», raspberry sauce
Grilled lamb cutlets with cumin & curry sauce
Sweetbread in flaked pastry and Madeira wine sauce

Pasta & others

Penne with Boursin & wine sauce, Black Forest ham & wild mushrooms
Spaghetti «bolognaise»
Pappardelle with shrimps, almonds & shallots
Zucchini & goat cheese cake
Fettuccini with daily fresh vegetables
Pithivier with «Pied de vent» soft ripened cheese

Assorted pastries



This Menu could be served «à la carte», ranges from $14 to $48
or «en table d’hôte» ranges from $24 to $58

The «table d’hôte» including an appetizer,
a soup, the main dish & a beverage (tea, coffee or herbal tea).


Business hours

Open 18:00 to 20:30

Breakfast buffet:
7:30 to 10:30 A.M.
June 9 to October 6 2018