Evening Menu



Warm goat cheese with apple & hazelnut
Shrimps mousse, grapefruit & guacamole
Duck terrine with figue & liver pâté
Two salmons «tartar»
Escargots in filo sheets, garlic cream sauce
Scallops «ceviche» almonds & pineapple
Brie & leek in filo with maple sauce
Smoked Gaspé salmon with capers & marinated ognion
Beef «tataki»
Small lobster «feuilleté» with Champagne

Soups, Juices & Salads

Home-made soup of the day *** Our cream of seafood (in season)
Lobster Bisque *** Choice of chilled juice *** Choice of salads

Fish & Seafood plates

Mussels in provencal sauce
Seafood shell «au gratin»
«Bourgeoise» cod fillet
Poached fillet of cod «Gaspesian style»

Tuna slab of steak, basil butter & «fleur de sel»
Atlantic salmon in spiced crust, caramelized pear
Shrimps & Scallops duo, ginger emulsion or citrus butter
Scallops & goat cheese wellington with basil white butter sauce
Gaspesian style bouillabaisse
Boiled lobster (1½lbs), lemon or mild garlic butter
Lobster «feuilleté» with Champagne

Meat Plates & Steaks

Grilled pork «chop style» with apple cider
Grilled «entrecôte» pepper sauce or Blue sauce
Wapiti burger, Swiss cheese, caramelized onion & pear (VG version also available)
Beef filet mignon Angus AAA, grilled (8oz), Blue cheese or pepper sauce
Deer «tournedos», raspberry sauce
Grilled lamb cutlets with cumin & curry sauce
Osso Bucco of Bison, figs & rosemary

Pasta & others

Lobster ravioli & Cognac, sauce homardine
Spaghetti «bolognaise»
Pappardelle with seafood, tomatoes pesto & vegetables
Linguine with smoked salmon

Vegetable ravioli with «muscat» sauce & shallots
Smoked salmon pizza & pineapple (VG version also available)

Assorted pastries



This Menu could be served «à la carte», ranges from $14 to $48
or «en table d’hôte» ranges from $24 to $58

The «table d’hôte» including an appetizer,
a soup, the main dish & a beverage (tea, coffee or herbal tea).


Business hours

Open 18:00 to 20:30

Breakfast buffet:
7:30 to 10:30 A.M.
June 8 to October 12 2019